Let's Break the ice

A word from DX. to you
I’m Ryan Dewan, the Co-Founder & Director of DX.Digital.

We are a small-knit boutique firm that specialises in helping local businesses such as yours, dominate their local online markets through the creation of digital assets and strategy optimisation.

DX.Digital is me. And I am DX.Digital. Every partnership we develop with clients is an extension of me, as I am an extension of them.

Since 2015

Building up this firm to our current level has taken everything I got. Being able to get the results I achieve for my clients (Such as bringing Roof Repairs Perth WA to the #1 ranking in Perth and #5 nationwide from scratch) has taken over 6 years of trial and error.

I graduated from Macquarie University with a dual degree of Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing & Economics) and a Bachelor of Arts (International Relations). Although I gained a great understanding of the global business landscape (and a good deal of student debt) – A lot of what I was taught at uni was already extremely outdated and irrelevant to real life business people with real life marketing budgets. As such, I took all this education with a grain of salt. As should you.

Further, I believe my academic experience is miniscule to my legitimate practical business experience (aka failing an astronomical amount of times until I found what actually works), which began in 2015 with the creation of DX.Digital.

Pressure Builds Diamonds

While our colleagues were partying or shipping off on the typical 9-5 job route, my partners and I decided to create DX.Digital. Being the young, ignorant and overly ambitious uni kids that we were, we fell for the online guru trap of “financial freedom, lambos and fat profits by just clicking a few buttons a day.” The excitement was in the air, we couldn’t wait to get started. Then we did. And we got punched in the face. And then again. And again. Over and over.

As you can probably tell, my career has essentially been rolling with the punches and turning my failure, blood, sweat and tears into my clients greatest successes. After 6 years of hitting roadblocks and right-hooks we are pretty keen to the game. We know what’s fake, what’s real. We can tell the B.S. that these new agency’s try to sell as “the next big thing” or the “easiest way to fill your appointment calendar up.” Our failures over the years have allowed us to gain a level of confidence, expertise and maturity to where we know we don’t need to add on useless marketing methods to make a quick buck from you. We know that you don’t need everything under the sun to be profitable and successful. We understand what to leverage in order to help you build actually reliable income streams. Less is more.

Call it old school but with DX.Digital, our word is our bond.

DX. Vs the Rest

The online marketing space is filled with what we call ‘get-the-job-done’ agencies. They (for the most part) have the ability to deliver whatever is requested of them – but that’s it. It’s all surface level. There’s no greater understanding for your needs, your goals, your profits, your continued success. Any agency can generate a couple leads a month and act like they are God’s greatest contribution to Earth. (Been there, done that)

It takes a deeper understanding of your business to drive high-level success in the digital world. These ‘agencies’ rely on the client (you) to spoon feed them what to do… which is absolutely insane. When working with an actual high-level consulting firm such as DX., we will look for the underlying issues that you may not have even noticed. Which is fine, because it’s our job to identify them – not yours.

Most agencies are usually either way too small/new to the game and lack competency or are so big that every client is just a set of data in their system. This isn’t knocking these successful marketing agencies – it’s just a realistic observation on their current stage in the business life cycle.

enter DX.Digital

DX.Digital works to build a personal relationship with you and your local business while tackling the deep-rooted (and hidden) issues you are facing and transforming your digital presence into a highly profitable, sustainable and scalable machine.

We failed, so that you don’t have to.

Let our failures (and most importantly – our successes) light up your path to unprecedented success in your local online market.