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Put simply – since 2015, DX.Digital has helped local Aussie business owners generate more reliable & predictable cashflow online..

Can the real digital marketer please stand up? Ryan Dewan here, the Co-Founder & current Director of DX.Digital.

We must have been doing something right – as our doors have been open since 2015.

Believe it or not:
But I actually did graduate from Macquarie University, with a dual Bachelors Degree in Commerce & Arts. I majored in Economics, International Relations, and of course – Marketing.

Now, don’t get me wrong – sure I’ve got the typical ‘qualifications’ of a digital marketer. But someone that actually understands and has first-hand actually helped local businesses get more business — is a completely different ballpark.

I started my journey the same as many of you reading this. Confused but overly ambitious for my own good. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do – but I knew what I didn’t want to do.

Having been born & raised here in Australia as an Asian male, you can imagine what society has expected of me. After school, I watched the majority of my mates flock into the typical Accounting/Finance 9-5 path just because it seemed like ‘the right thing to do’. And you probably guessed it – I’ve listened to the majority of my mates complain on their soul-draining cubicle living.

Having said that, I’m not knocking on that path. It’s just not me. It never was me, it never will be. Each to their own, and honestly, I sometimes wish for the more stable and secure path.

Anyways, I went with my gut and studied the black magic of trying to create a self-employed living through online marketing.. Sure, nowadays, these same mates talk about how much they envy the free lifestyle I live. But they weren’t there when money was running dry, when my co-founder had left the business, when for years I struggled with my own personal maturity battles. No, they could never understand ‘my path’.

Actually, I’m sugarcoating things a bit too much.

Where did all those so-called-‘mates’ go that were around when I was struggling.. And as soon as I started to work my ‘shit’ out — gone. Did they ever want to see me succeed? Or did they only ever want to see me as ‘that crazy mate’ that was lost in his own pipe dreams? Another ‘loser’ they could look down on? Or what’s even worse – those ‘mates’ that finally now have time for me since they heard I’m actually doing alright for myself now. If business has taught me anything – it’s been the sharpening of my instincts in being able to read character. And for that alone, I’m so grateful for my sacrifices over the years.

I’ll admit – I don’t have the most traditional path when it comes to marketing, nor the best funded path. But this is what raised me. The market, battling on the frontlines, the school of hard knocks raised me.

Working as a self-employed digital marketer, I did not enjoy the luxury of working corporate and having millions to spend, where other people’s money can forgive your sins.

If I made a mistake. I felt it hard. My pockets, my lifestyle & even my will to get out of bed in the morning would be hurting.

Somehow. Someway. I’m still standing.

I’ve cut through the airy fairy of marketing to work out what works best for my clients and their industry. Directly helping my clients improve their families livelihoods through my services is a constant reminder why I started DX.

Keep It Simple, Stupid. KISS. I try to take a KISS approach when addressing marketing problems & more importantly, when helping to grow the businesses of our most gracious & cooperative clients on a daily basis.

Being able to convert all the Marketing blah-blah into easy-to-understand English is how I’ve helped clients over the years make more money online. And by doing so, I’ve helped them take back their precious time & hard-earned cash. Letting them focus on what’s really important.

Young & Fun. Why does business have to be so dull and boring? I’m naturally a young bachelor living his best years so I keep that same energy with my business, and how I communicate with my clients. Prefer to keep that same vibe with my clients so that we can actually make some decent money working together but also — have fun doing it! Some may find it ‘unprofessional’. That’s fine – those people are not my people.

Aussie Home Made. Brewed up in Sydney. It took me a while to realise that my standards of quality service were actually far & beyond that of most in the entire world. When you’re competing with 3rd-world contractors that are happy to work for peanuts, you begin to realise that it’s my world-class service that not only differentiates my services but more importantly – actually delivers results.

Apart from our service, it’s really our clients that keeps DX. proudly Aussie.

We are proud to have a portfolio of local Aussie businesses that we have helped with our services.

Alot of people say they want to ‘stick it to the Man’, and support ‘the little guy’. But then see me as a parasite for trying to help the ‘little guy’ with my services that can actually help their business succeed and improve their families livelihood? It’s a strange world we live in. But regardless of what people think, we’re proud to be Aussie and to help a fellow Aussie out.

Fair Go. I reckon we all deserve a fair go. It’s the ‘Aussie way’ after all. In this land of opportunity, sometimes you just need someone to give you a fair go to get started. If it wasn’t for my clients that had believed in me, especially when starting out, and had given me a ‘fair go’, I would not be able to even pay for the hosting to have this website up and running.

In the spirit of the Aussie businesses that have given me a fair go, I like to do the same for my clients. What does that mean for you? Basically – you can sleep well knowing that I’m not trying to rip you off (*cough* agencies) and am always looking for ways to deliver cost-effective solutions for your marketing goals. Currently work out of my own bachelor pad, which also helps to keep our rates competitive.

I know, it’s unbelievable in the digital marketing space – but I actually do have a personality outside of business!

I’m currently set to make my amateur boxing debut at 81kg. An independent filmmaker (in the making). I try to read and learn guitar. Also a big fan of 90’s hip-hop, guitar solos, boxing & NBA. (May have put a few too many bets up though..)

Sure, I’m based in Sydney but just in 2019 (pre-Covid) – I was running operations whilst located in Hong Kong, Taiwan, UK & Europe.

Hate to sound like a ‘guru’, but Digital marketing truly does have the ability to provide business owners with flexibility and freedom.

What has digital marketing done for you?

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