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I’m a business owner too. I value my time.

Please do NOT contact me if you are only looking to ‘get rich quick’, or want to try gyp some young buck from what he’s worth, or looking for some marketer to dump all your business & emotional problems onto.


Over my years of running DX.Digital and my other businesses, I’ve dealt with all sorts of characters. And what I cannot forgive – is when people have no respect for my time.

I often think back to my early days – scratching off numbers on the Yellow Pages, cold calling, setting up meetings.. Only to be dicked around with again and again.. “Oh, I’m almost there – just give me 15 minutes”, “Now’s not a good time actually”, Or even just getting completely ghosted after agreeing to a deal over a man-to-man handshake.. Hours of my time that I can never get back.. Hours of my time feeling like the ugly girl at the school dance..

Do you value marketing so low? Do you value my time so low?

I’m a business owner too (scratch that – I’m a human being too) and I’m not asking for much here. All I ask for is for you to give me the same level of respect for time that I give to you.

This is why I go through as much detail as I can on this website. To try educate any prospective clients on digital marketing and how it can benefit their business and livelihood. Alongside give you a sneak peek into my own personality, as I’m very proud of my clientelle but I’m self-aware enough to understand I’m not everyone’s cup of tea.

It saves both of us time – but also, ensures that we are on the same page. After all, if I don’t respect my own time, then who will?

Why work with each other if we aren’t on the same page?
Just like my ex-girlfriend, It’s doomed from the get go. And ultimately, leads to both sides being unhappy and worse – time that is forever lost.

If you’re someone that understands the real value of what marketing can bring to your business, patient, cooperative, respectful, and interested in creating long-term profitable business relationships..

Then please contact me below to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

Thank you for your time and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience.


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