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Our Marketing Philosophy is Quite Simple..

Fundamentals. Fundamentals. Fundamentals.

Quality over Quantity

Sounds like a no brainer? Think again.

Don’t be deceived by the ‘numbers’! “Thousands of followers on social media, thousands of hits onto your website – guaranteed” are promises that many marketers make. And don’t get me wrong – they probably do ‘deliver’ on these promises.

However, are these quality followers? Quality leads? 10k followers on Instagram but only 100 likes per post? Sure these numbers may look great on paper, but do they really help the business? Create a loyal following for your business? Put bluntly – do they equal sales, money in your wallet, food on your table on a consistent basis?

Slow & Steady

Wins the Race

And I get it – these numbers are flashy. The newest trends for digital marketing, social media, etc. are the latest shiny objects and you can’t be blamed for thinking that these are necessary to keep up with the Joneses.

Rather, our focus at DX.Digital is to stick to the fundamentals of digital marketing. Once your fundamentals are set, you are able to gain healthy consistent traffic coming to your business. And just like a building, strong foundations leads to less problems later on and overall better long-term results.

We would rather have 10 highly engaged loyal followers, who actually are in love with your business. As opposed to 1000 ‘followers’ who couldn’t care less.

Every. Single. Time.

As such, this is our marketing philosophy and the approach that we embody throughout our services.

“Fundamentals for digital marketing?”

Yes, you heard me right. In this smoke & mirrors lucrative industry of digital marketing, there actually are some fundamental pillars that have continued to stand the test of time. Sure, as I’ve said before, there’s a lot of new gimmicks that marketers try to push to business owners. But in reality, a lot of these gimmicks are just that – gimmicks. Won’t deny that you may score a quick buck here and there. But DX. is focused on building long-term relationships centred on solid foundations. Over the years, these foundations have continued to work for my clients and their respective industry. And whenever I had strayed away from these foundations, there would be some kind of imbalance that would come back to haunt me later.

Enough teasing! What are these fundamentals?!

It’s really quite simple. It’s really just like fundamentals for business in general. Say you’ve set up your storefront – now you need people coming through the door. Sell to them and of course, you need to deliver a great service to these customers. And that’s more or less ‘business’ for you. It’s exactly the same online.

You set up your headquarters (website) so that it’s not only a proud representation of your business – but actually leads to sales (you have no idea how overlooked this part is). Next, you need to get a slice of the millions of daily traffic on the Internet over to your website. You need people looking for your business services online – to come to your website. This is done via ranking on Google Page 1 (SEO) and Google Ads (Pay Per Click). Keep in mind – all these services, especially SEO, have a whole lot of different components & ‘mini-services’ that go into actually delivering results.

Regardless, it’s as simple as this:
You get traffic to your website -> Generate leads -> Close the deal -> Deliver the service -> and you basically repeat the cycle, except now with more word-of-mouth, referrals, testimonials, etc. each time. You can see how this can very quickly explode and actually evolve into a reliable predictable source of income for your business — all from online marketing.

That’s Great.. But What’s in it for Me?

More Qualified Leads

Essentially, over time, as your source of online income becomes more reliable and predictable – you will ideally reach the situation of my current clients. In which, you are now given the luxury to be ‘picky’ with the leads you want, and what jobs you want to take on. Whether it be more profitable jobs, or just work that you personally prefer. This is the beauty of our services for local business owners.

Apart from that – Getting clicks on your ads isn’t necessarily the toughest job out there. But getting the right clicks. The ideal clients. This takes a bit of work.

A huge pitfall I see with business owners running their own Ads campaign is linking all ads to their homepage. A quick tip – the more targeted & specific the message, the more better your results and the quality of leads you will end up with.

Goes without saying, there’s a lot that needs to be taken into consideration.
Targeting the right buyer at the right moment with the right message. Ad copy, creative, retargeting, A/B Testing, landing pages, heatmap tracking, sales funnels, you get the gist..

More Bang For Your Buck

Sure, if you keep throwing money at something, eventually something will stick. Right?

A huge misconception is that it takes very little money to be successful online. Starting up an online business or marketing campaign doesn’t cost too much.

But this lowers the entry barriers. Anyone and their pet dog can jump online now. There’s even more competition than ever before.

The reality is you need a huge investment of either money, time, and usually both, to create anything worthwhile.

You have to understand – the digital economy is not regulated like the physical economy. This means there is no competition laws to protect your ‘small business interests’.

Big sharks like Amazon make their living bullying & chomping up smaller fish with their unlimited capital & absolutely no intervention from the government! Worst part is that these are the companies our society & media calls heroes.

Food for thought:
If you trust an accountant with your books, why don’t you trust a marketer with your marketing?
Of course, I know, it’s because of how many dodgy ones there are out there.. But if you think about it – it’s the same with accountants too!

More Revenue Security

Imagine this – predictable, consistent, stable results. It’s what happens when you don’t go for the ‘quick buck’ but rather focus on the long term strategy. And that’s the thing – many people are too focused on the day-to-day and forget that all good things take time.

Most people end up quitting just before the fruits of their labour start to ripe.

Creating more qualified leads, and engaged followings ensures your customers, and their friends & families, continue to come to you – not your competitiors.

Depending on the business, we also take this an extra mile and recommend pricing strategies to help create more consistent revenue coming to your bank account.

More Time For You

The one truth in this life. We only have so much time.

You’re a business owner, and a lot of the role is understanding when it’s best to delegate certain tasks to benefit the overall success of your business. By all means, spend your own hard-earned money and your own precious time trying to ‘save a few bucks’ by learning and then managing your own marketing. I don’t recommend others to take the costly & mistake-ridden path I took to get to my level but sure, go for it! The thing is though, as a business owner, and having helped clients over the years, I’ve noticed a huge recurring issue that I’ve also been a victim of.

We try to do too much. Jack of All. Master of None. And this ends up leaving your business scattered all over the place. Your mind scattered all over the place.

Everyone’s different but I’ve experienced it myself, and so have clients of mine.
Taking so much on our plate usually ends up burning us out. And the food on the plate barely finished!

Worst of all?
That’s your time. Gone. It doesn’t come back. Ever.

Why not use your time on what matters the most to you? Your business?
Your family? Your life?

Our Services

Website Design

  • Founded on our web design. Our Bread & Butter
  • High quality service & timely projects.
    ‘Delayed projects’? Not in our vocabulary
  • Websites you won’t be embarassed to show your customers — and actually get you sales!

Social Media

  • Social media is most effective when running paid social media advertising campaigns
  • For organic social – prefer consultancy, you will always be your best representative for your business
  • Social Media Advertising best combined with retargeting, Google Ads & proper sales funnels

Google Ads PPC

  • Google Ads has been our Steak & Potatoes.
    Warning – by itself, not a long term strategy!
  • Results will run dry. Markets change & Google needs more money – 83.3% (2019) of their revenue
  • Best in combination with Social Media Advertising & organic services i.e. SEO & Content


  • SEO takes time! Long term strategy. No such thing as an overnight success!
  • Google is always changing their algorithms. SEO services ensure you don’t suffer from these changes.
  • SEO is best in combination with content writing & paid promotions to help grow traffic to your site

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