It's all in the system..

Our custom-tailored systemised approach to creating highly profitable digital assets has been crafted through years of failures, testing, successes and hands-on real world experience. The system is curated to the needs of our clients/partners, yet offers plug-and-play compatibility that gives us a guarantee of confidence in our ability to drive reliable results.

To put it as simple as possible, our comprehensive system ensures that local business owners that are looking to expand online are equipped with the foundation & marketing firepower to produce results from Day 1 of launch – while keeping the long term vision & goals in focus.

We call this the Digital Excellence System.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Through thorough research on your local online market, what Google’s algorithm rewards for your niche (and more importantly, what it doesn’t) and what your competition is currently failing to capitalise on, we are able to identify those rare, hard-to-unearth opportunities that allow maximum profitability and long term growth.

Website Design

Each and every website is built on the foundations of the strategy we put forth. Every part of your website will be in alignment with what we intend to achieve.

As opposed to just making something pretty and hoping it works – we follow our proven blueprint of optimisation. 

Paid Traffic (Google Ads PPC)

Paid ads are the key to short-term profitability. With the previously mentioned CNBC report that more than 81% of Google’s income comes from these ads – it’s important that you make use of Google’s most profitable asset.

The Digital Excellence System leverages paid traffic to get you profits today, while supporting the organic long-term growth of your digital assets. 

Organic Traffic (SEO – Google Page 1)

Noone truly knows the Google Algorithm. We’re not going to make some bs claim that we “finally figured out the one quick fix to rank you #1 on Google” – yet we do know how to deliver a long-term process that will secure you a spot on Page 1 of Google.

The results with SEO take some time to kick in – yet when they do, they are extremely profitable. Getting on page 1 of Google is securing a digital money printer for life.

Security (Coming Soon)

When we are talking about a proper legitimate digital asset – we really mean it. Something most ‘website designers’ never understand is as your business grows online, and more traffic comes in, you are becoming a bigger target for cybersecurity breaches. As this will be a long-lasting digital asset that will become the main source of revenue for your business, you must protect it at all fronts.

This is why DX. is in the works to have Security as a full-fledged service we can provide for our clients at the start of 2022. We are still currently in the testing and development phases.

For a Proper breakdown of our system
please watch the video below